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We perform comprehensive analysis, planning and execution activities in various areas including Enterprise Solutions Consulting and Business Process Management, Application Development, Database Integration, Business Intelligence as well as Learning Solutions Classroom Courses.

In the world where competitions are growing in almost every single field, your business needs to be in the forefront and becoming prominent in your area of expertise. Therefore, our aim is to provide the best services to you, our client, in order to put your business ahead of your competitors.

One of the most important factors to make a successful life is education
C Learn

We believe that one of the most important factors to make successful is education. We work hard on researching the best way to study and the outcome is to let the students organise schedule by themselves. For better studying, we develop Self Learning System (SLS) which can fit to all life styles. Our system have been deployed in many famous tutoring centres in Thailand.

Our Expertise On Businesses
C Play

We are human and love exploring how we can make our daily life better. Food is one of many areas that we spend our time everyday. We research how people behave and what they really want. And turn them into smart system to help business owner and customer satisfy.

We Make Sure That Everything Meets Your Need
C Fund

Many years of experience on financial area, our products are developed from understanding your business, they are customised to make sure that they work best on your finance.